Monday, 13 July 2009

Generalised summer guilt

Been rather busy with visitors, family and parish mag stuff lately but now run out of excuses not to start arranging much needed house and garden repairs and maintenance, begin tax return, call up painters and other fixers, and, two even more difficult tasks, slim and write next part of novel. Quite difficult to continue writing new book and not want to eat nearly all the time. The brain seems determined to beg for more calories.
I know, I know, write down tasks, divide into small manageable chunks, then list them and tick them off when done.
The garden is looking autumnal already and it's only July. Must be all that heat, then pouring rain. I don't seem to have as many flowers as usual.
What have I been reading? - oh a book about the Mitford sisters yet again. They're so amazing, especially Unity. I did meet a girl at an Embassy party once ages ago and when I learnt who she was I shrieked 'Oh, so you're Debo's daughter.' For years afterwards I felt horribly embarrassed at my own over-familiarity because of course I wouldn't dream of referring to the D of D as Debo normally, but because of all these books you feel you know them.
Ah, just looked at clock and see that it is nearly time to cook dinner. That's a relief. A small manageable task I can actually complete.


JJ Beattie said...

Oh was that book either 'In Tearing Haste' or 'The Pursuit of Laughter'? Both about the Mitfords. I've just bought those two.

RattlingOn said...

I, too, love the Mitfords, and the Bronte sisters. I have lots of books by, and about, them.
Chatsworth isn't far from here and Debo is often to be seen wandering in the grounds, or the lovely shop with her dogs. It's hard not to say hello when you see her. As you say, they seem so familiar.

Debs said...

I always disliked my name until I found out that one of the Mitfords was also called Deborah. Seemed much better after that.

The photo of your garden is lovely.

cheshire wife said...

Your garden looks fine. It had better not be Autumn yet. We still haven't had Summer here.

Karen said...

Lovely photo, but I feel tired reading all the things you have to do!

Must get round to reading the Mitford book (is it the letters one?) I've heard such good things about it :o)

Susie Vereker said...

Thanks for visiting, blogfriends.

JJ, the biog I was re-reading is an oldish one, pub in 2001,'The Mitford Girls' by Mary S. Lovell. Interested to hear yet more books are being written about them.

I did dip into the latest Letters, Karen, but decided it wasn't for me. I don't know why but I never seem to enjoy books of letters. The in-jokes and endless names of friends begin to pall. I prefer to flow along when I read.

As for my tasks, I must just stop procrastinating and Get On with It!

CW, we have had summer down 'ere, during the Wimbledon fortnight, but it seems to have disappeared.
Garden getting jungly again after all the rain. Thanks for kind words, Debs.