Tuesday, 7 July 2009

All over for another year, phew

So Wimbledon is finished. Bit of a relief as have been glued to the TV half the fortnight and was lucky enough to have tickets one day. Wasn't it a fantastic men's final?
Our day out at the tournament was atmospheric and fun, though very hot. Saw people quaffing huge glasses of Pimm's and tiny pots of expensive icecream, and in the cafe they ate lobster with champagne, so not much credit crunch in evidence in London SW19. I chose the cheapest things on the self-service menu (with water and coffee - too hot for alcohol, imo) and the bill came to £31. Well, I know we could have had a picnic in the carpark, but it was a special day out.

Reading: just finished a v. old Claire Francis, Red Crystal, good stuff if you like thrillers. Also enjoying a biography, A Circle of Sisters by Judith Flanders. This recounts the lives of four beautiful sisters from an ordinary background: Alice Kipling, Georgie Burne-Jones, Agnes Poynter and Lousa Baldwin, who married or mothered famous Victorians - i.e. Rudyard Kipling; the pre-Raphaelite painter Burne-Jones; Edward Poynter, Presient of the Royal Academy; and the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin. If you're interested in Victorian social history, do read it.

Watched yet another re-run of the Moon landings - nostalgia again. Fascinating stuff about the Russian space dogs too, poor things.


Lane said...

I must admit I felt bit bereft at one o'clock on Monday. I thoroughly enjoyed this year's Wimbledon but it sure does cut into your day.

Debs said...

I have to admit that I didn't watch it at all. It probably comes of having a childhood where nothing happened for the entire two weeks that Wimbledon was on.

Anonymous said...

Never mind, the Ashes start today! :-)

Karen said...

Ooh, I watched that Moon landings programme, and one about the Apollo wives before it - fscinating stuff :o)

Not a Wimbledon fan though ...sshh, don't tell anyone!

cheshire wife said...

I did not manage to watch much of Wimbleon this year, although the TV was on for most of the tournament. I think that the TV just knows to switch itself on for Wimbledon fortnight.

sablonneuse said...

Yes, I enjoyed Wimbledon too. It was a nailbiting men's final and I was rooting for Federer because it was Roddick who knocked Murray out. However, I have to say that I think Roddick played better tennis on the day - although there wasn't much in it. They are both fantastic players.
Also, did you find it surprising that Serena beat Venus? it seemed to me that Venus was a far stronger player during all the previous rounds. Unfortunately I missed the end of the match because the satellite signal went because of a storm and I had to follow the online written report.