Thursday, 26 June 2008

Dwellings old and new. Reading.

Above - a view of the village, not my house which is not as olde worlde, sadly.

Below - Son 1's four room tent survived a windy night brilliantly but, unlike the thatched cottages, I don't think it will last 300 years plus.
Reading. Just finished Of Marriageable Age by Sharon Maas, set in India and Guyana. Loved it, absorbing, fascinating, if sometimes melodramatic in parts but that only added to the page-turning factor. One thing struck me - all the main characters are Indian but Sharon is not, though she has lived there. Brave to centre a novel entirely on a culture different from one's own. For me, she pulled it off but there may be others who don't agree. Guyana proved to be an interesting background too - a country I knew almost nothing about.
Enough. Can't do long blogs as am concentrating on my new novel now that there is a peaceful period here at home and the garden is more in control. I go for the informal (?) garden anyway, of course. More penstemons now flowering, one of my favourites. Hebe too.

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