Monday, 23 June 2008

1993 garden

Nan, of Letters from a Hill Farm, said she liked the back garden so here is a 'Before' photo, from the same sort of viewpoint as the previous one. Scary, isn't it?
At the same time we also made some alterations to the house, but all designed around saving the wisteria at the front. One day I came home to find the workmen had ignored the architect's drainage plans and dug a deep trench all around the wisteria's roots cutting them off about a foot away from the trunk. Overwrought by the whole scene, I burst into tears and screamed you've killed it (this was in mid-winter and I'd already had to prune it right back so it was hardly more than the trunk and a couple of branches.) In a huge panic I rang the R.Horticultural Society, who said don't worry, it will have other roots, just fill in the trench, feed it, it will probably be OK. As you saw in May, it was.

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Jan Jones said...

It always stuns me how utter devastation can turn out to be really quite okay in the end.

At the time, all you see is machinery and mud!