Friday, 27 June 2008

First Blog Award!

Went to bed rather pleased by a Google alert - I'd had an honourable mention in a Blog Award. Thank you very much, D in Devon. This morning I see that my blog was actually chosen by her dog who was given the task of selecting names from torn up pieces of paper. Never mind, I am delighted to be nominated, even by a dog, for 'Sweet Home Blogger Award sharing beauty, love and joy'. Not entirely sure everyone thinks of me that way, especially first thing in the morning.
New gap-filling clematis seems to be a success. In the pot is an abelia which used to be variegated but has now turned green, possibly because I moved it into the shade. Abelia is an appealing shrub as it flowers profusely late in the year. This what mine will look like in September.


60 Going On 16 said...

Well, Susie, the Rough Diamond is a very discerning dog; he knows a good thing when he sees it. And he's asked me to reassure you that the names were specially selected first, written down and then carefully cut out (he hasn't mastered the art of tearing), although he did need a hand with the scissors.

Cath said...

I think the Rough Diamond must agree with me - that your photos of your garden are gorgeous.

Susie Vereker said...

Thank you both, oh and the Rough Diamond too. Obviously I photograph the best bits rather than the dodgy areas of the garden, but all the same actually taking the pics has made me look at it more carefully.

Sher said...

Hello Susie,

I intend browsing through your blog at a later date. I found you through petite anglaise and thought your advice was very wise. Definetly thoughts I will bear in mind in my marriage.
Sorry if the comment is a bit out of place but don't know where else to leave it.

sablonneuse said...

Well, another feather in your cap: my husband is reading 'An Oldfashioned Arrangement' and thoroughly enjoying it. He is a retired English teacher who usually dislikes fiction (strange isn't it - to teach English and not enjoy literature?)

Susie Vereker said...

Sandy, I am deeply honoured that your husband is enjoying 'An Old-Fashioned Arrangement.' And thanks for all your other kind comments.