Sunday, 17 July 2011

July garden,My Last Duchess, & film: The Social Network

The garden here in July. Some of the above roses have now been washed out by the rain and the wild sweet peas are not as bright, but the newish flower bed above is still quite jolly with some pink dascia now blooming in the middle.

My Last Duchess by Daisy Goodwin – an excellent holiday read.  Maybe we've seen some of the plot lines before but it’s huge fun. I loved the characters and the Downton Abbey setting (most action takes place Upstairs rather than down). As a spoilt American heiress, brought up by a strict, social climbing mother, haughty Cora does not find life easy when she comes to England and marries a Duke.  Dovegreyreader enjoyed it too.

Film – the Social Network. The story of the founding of Facebook by young geeks at Harvard. To work out what’s going on you probably need a young person with you to stop the DVD periodically and explain, or you could read up the plot on Wiki first, I dare say.  You may possibly also need subtitles, as the actors speak extra fast gobbledegook.  Good acting, an interesting film, not crucial viewing though.


Jan Jones said...

Lovely flahs - but no Otto?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed My Last Duchess as well - great summer read! Haven't seen The Social Network yet must admit. I'm so behind I'm about to rent Tamara Drewe!

Cara Cooper said...

Quite keen on seeing the social network but will probably end up waiting until it comes on TV. Nice to see you again at the conference.

Debs Carr said...

Gorgeous pictures.

Thanks for telling us about this book. I was wondering whether to buy it or not the other day, I'll have to do so now.

Flowerpot said...

I'll look forward to the book too. I enjoyed Social Network but felt it could have been cut by quite a bit. Interesting though.