Tuesday, 8 December 2009

TV, books.

Much enjoyed Sunday's first episode of Small Island, the BBC's adaptation of Andrea Levy's award winning book. I confess that while I admired the novel I wasn't much moved or drawn into into it, whereas the tv version is heart-rending. I must find the book and re-read it to see what I missed.

On a less serious note, I absolutely love the tv comedy series Miranda, starring Miranda Hart. We are all in fits of laughter. Don't know why she got some bad reviews as she's extremely funny.

Also ejoyed all the Alan Bennett stuff, of course. Maybe somebody will give me his new bk for Xmas, hint, hint.

Encouraging review of Paris Imperfect on Amazon. 'I was attracted by the witty cover, and the inside certainly didn't disappoint. Susie Vereker has the gift of creating really amusing characters, who are so convincing one feels they must be people she actually knows. I enjoyed the gentle pace of the book,with the tension of Clio not quite getting together with gorgeous Joe and not quite having the courage to cut loose from domineering Philippe, - until the satisfactory end. Greatly looking forward to Susie's next book now.' Ahem, my characters are NOT people I know - that would be improper.


cheshire wife said...

I looked at buying Paris Imperfect from Amazon. Why is it so expensive by comparison with other books that they sell?

Susie Vereker said...

I don't know, CW. Am trying to find out. I presume the publisher doesn't give Amazon the discount they demand! The Book Depository is slightly cheaper. I know the current books seem expensive but compared to say, lipsticks, they are not excessive. Oh well.

Lane said...

I adore Miranda too. I love that fact that she doesn't strive to be 'edgy'.
It has a wonderful gentleness.

Great review.
You're on my tbr list.

callmemadam said...

My daughter recommended Small Island to me but I've never felt like reading it. Yet like you I really enjoyed the TV version.
I'm another fan of Miranda Hart; I didn't know there were bad reviews! So little 'comedy' makes me laugh these days that she's a treasure.

Debs said...

I haven't read Small Island but am enjoying the tv production very much.

I saw the girl who plays Miranda (maybe that's her name, not sure) on Strictly the other night chatting to Chris and she was lovely.

LindyLouMac said...

I enjoyed Small Island so after reading your comments really looking forward to it making its way to being broadcast on BBC Entertainment via Sky Italia. Maybe in a couple of years time, if we are lucky.

Marion said...

If you have answered this before please point me to the answer. Why isn't Paris Imperfect available on the Kindle?

Susie Vereker said...

Thanks for your comments, girls. Well, Marion, I guess British publishers are only just getting their heads around the Kindle. I will enquire again.