Monday, 14 December 2009

Booktrade News, with shrub

Above - the mahonia must have been planted by the first owner of this house in the sixties and it's enormous. I love the red leaves, and the scent of the new flowers that are about to appear.
The Romantic Novel of the Year 2010 longlist has been announced. Some interesting books there.
Richard and Judy are again planning their own bookclub, a potential rival to More 4's panel and their former producer, apparently. I suspect the public will buy the R&J books rather than those chosen by a panel of celebs. Interesting.
Govt U-turn. Authors visiting to talk at schools won't have to be vetted for criminal activity after all. Victory for Philip Pullman et al.


cheshire wife said...

If your 40 year old mahonia is not flowering, when is it ever going to flower? Lovely cheerful photo!

verification word is JUKELLIT

Is this a new catagory of novel?

Susie Vereker said...

It does flower prolifically, CW, but not yet. It's the quantity of red leaves that are unusual this year. Have put them in my Christmas wreath - quite cheerful-looking.

French Fancy said...

The only book I ever bought after hearing R&J rave about it was by Joseph somebody(an Irish chap) about a man on a boat (you can see how my memory retained the information) and I really didn't rate it at all. However, I am someone that has to finish a book once begun, I can't abandon it and I ploughed on and on wishing it would end.

So I don't follow recommendations any more and just stick to John Irving (well, that's just at present - I've been know to dabble with Barnes, Ackroyd, Eco et al)