Thursday, 18 December 2008

Paris Imperfect and kitten

Not been posting owing to recurring vile cold, but I did recover to have a great launch party for Paris Imperfect here at home. I love parties - only snag is you have to tidy the house which in my case takes several days. To my surprise, some guests spent most of the party in my study which was only faintly better organised than usual, but I hope they were too busy chatting to notice shambolic bookshelves. It’s lucky I write books these days, so any lack of domestic goddesshood can be put down to artistic temperament. The food was good thanks to selected Waitrose and Sainsbury’s canap├ęs, plus a few inventions de la maison and Delia.

Had to buy a Christmas tree in time for the party, of course. Huge expense this year as went for the non-drip kind. Not very green of me but I like to hang on to some traditions of my childhood. That’s £30 quid, said the man, is that all right? No, it is not all right, I said, but weakly bought it. According to the news, a chap spent £250 on a tree so seems like mine was an economy. To offset my extravagant carbon footprint, I gave money to charity, greenies will be glad to hear.
I also made my own Christmas wreath from garden greenery. It's pretty easy with an oasis circle base - easier than the willow hoop kind.

We have a houseguest at the moment. Son 1’s family kitten, four months and quite adorable. Black and tiny with slanted eyes and largish ears, mostly farm cat with a touch of Siamese possibly.


Linda said...

Did you get my thank you email? I received your book-probably the day I left for the States. Thank you so much. I'm really looking forward to reading it. Linda

sablonneuse said...

Yes, gorgeous kitten. Aren't you tempted to keep him?

Jan Jones said...

Oh dear, hope you get fully fit in time for the festivities, Susie.

And I just LOVE the kitten.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the new book! When does it come out in paperback?

Susie Vereker said...

Hope you enjoy it, Linda. Sandy, yes I'd love to keep the kitten but he doesn't belong to us. Jan and LyzzyBee, thanks for your kind comments. LyzzyBee, Have mailed you direct. I don't know whether Paris Imperfect will come out in paperback or not. My publishers don't do many paperbacks.