Thursday, 11 December 2008

Audio download - An Old-Fashioned Arrangement

The unabridged audiobook of An Old-Fashioned Arrangement, read by Selina Griffiths, is now available as a download - see - quite a lot cheaper than the CDs or cassettes. See also for the US version.

This time it's classified under chick-lit and romance whereas originally Oakhill termed a thriller. One thing I've learnt is that different publishers and readers concentrate on surprisingly different aspects of a book, even tiny details one has forgotten about.
I guess that makes it more interesting for a reading group anyway. I'd say it's about quite a few things - love, Geneva, family relationships, misguided loyalty - see the link top right, but I know publishers like to put books in pigeon holes. Some British libraries ticked a box to say it was about 'poor single mothers' - but that's certainly not the case!

Not been posting lately owing to various last minute Christmas and other panics.

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Jan Jones said...

Last minute Christmas panics? This isn't last minute, yet, Susie, not by a long way. This is "maybe I ought to start making my Christmas card list" time.