Sunday, 30 March 2008

Wild life - not for the delicate

Fascinated by the bold and beautiful little stoat who has a part-time den in the roof where he likes to munch his snacks. First time we saw him he was carrying a mouse in a trap up the climbing hydrangea, not an easy task but he managed it. Second time, he was transporting a (fortunately dead) baby rabbit that was almost the same size as he was. He managed to drag it to the top of the drainpipe but couldn't quite make the final jump into the roof while carrying the rabbit. He had four goes at this flying leap, but eventually gave up and solemnly carted his prey all the way down again and disappeared across the terrace. We don't see him that often but he may be the reason why the pheasants have disappeared from the garden.


Jan Jones said...

In the roof, Susie??? Eeek.

Beautiful pic, though.

Susie Vereker said...

I don't mind him in the roof because I'm assuming (a) it's a temporary den and (b) he hunts down a few mice while he's there.

Jane Gordon-Cumming said...

Ah, he's cute! Love the Blog, Susie.