Friday, 1 April 2016

Tropical Connections eBook

Art historian Claire suddenly decides to leave England to take a job on an obscure tropical island in the South-China Sea, where she finds her new exotic surroundings both fascinating and challenging.  Her personal life becomes confused too - expat banker Howard loves her but she falls for elusive Drew, an Australian aid adviser.
            Two friends she meets have different problems.  Young American mother Deborah, unhappily married to a lecherous husband, has a poignant affair with a teenage boy. Lucy, an unsophisticated bride, is trying to adjust to her intimidating role at the British Embassy.  The girls’ lives become intertwined and Claire, employed to catalogue a collection of Buddhist art, accidentally finds herself in danger when she becomes involved with the darker side of island life.

            This is a novel about love and adjustment, independence and interdependence, about ordinary women who have or achieve a certain courage in a different world.

Here's the new eBook/Kindle version.  (hardback/paperback published 2009)

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