Monday, 30 November 2015

Pond Lane and Paris e-appears

Pond Lane is now an ebook   This was originally published by Transita and was nominated for the major Foster Grant/RNA Award.   For reviews click on the link on the right About Susie Vereker's Books.

Post Gazette
The captivating story unfold not only in Laura's beloved Pond Lane, somewhere in Hampshire, but flits between there and the chic diplomatic life in Paris .......a charming and entertaining read

After faithfully nursing her late husband for eight years, Laura Brooke is emerging into the world. She finds a job with Oliver Farringdon, Ambassador to an international organisation in Paris - he's divorced and needs someone to supervise his teenage daughter. But can Laura cope with her demanding employer and with Paris after her solitary celibate life in the depths of the country? Leaving the Hampshire mud to live amongst chic Parisians is a culture shock. Laura's position in the ambassadorial household is tricky and the servants resent her. Besides, keeping tabs on Charlotte isn't easy. Oliver has strict views about daughters, as well as everything else.
 Jane Eyre meets Nancy Mitford in this story of life and love in two countries

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