Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Denmark hols

Just back from an interesting visit to Fanø Island, west coast of Jutland, Denmark, not that far from Legoland. Fantastic 16 km beach you can drive along, pretty scenery, delicious food but plenty of rain and wind.  Didn’t matter because we walked and made sandcastles in the drizzle in a true Brit manner. We also visited museums, as you do, incl Hanne's Hus, a tiny Victorian cottage once owned by a fisherman and preserved in the style of the early 20th century with sand on the floor to soak up damp and dirt. We learned that women often wore six or seven long skirts to keep warm in winter. Must've got rather sandy too. Fortunately, our beachhouse in the dunes was comfortable and modern, a bit like Wallender's only bigger and tidier, with a place for everything and everything in its labelled place.

Decided I couldn’t face Stansted and Ry**air, so booked on efficient Cimber from Gatwick, more expensive but much less testing.  Amazing not to have to wait for suitcases etc.  Relations said the boat from Harwich had good activities for children, 16 hr trip though.

Above pics are of Sonderho village (pop 277) where we had an excellent dinner, exquisite food, carefully served at a picturesque resto


liz fenwick said...

Sounds like a great holiday especially a cottage in the dunes!

Debs Carr said...

I've never been there, but it looks lovely.

Amish Stories said...

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