Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Puppy and flowers

Otto in chewed bookcase, books having been removed from lowest shelf!
Otto likes to collect shoes, welly boots, his bowl, his ball and his toys so that there's hardly any room in his bed. He's obviously practising retrieval.  We've been to our first puppy socialisation class, quite amusing. The main thing he seems to have learnt is how to bark.

My Christmas-present amaryllises (above) are blooming and (below) I was given these charming and unusual flowers over a week ago.
Just started reading Wolf Hall. I fear it will take me a while as I keep falling asleep, maybe due to my early starts with the puppy or....


Cornflower said...

I wish Otto could come and meet Pippin!
You sensibly have a chew-proof bed whereas ours (we already had them for our older dogs) are fabric ones in which Pip has great fun tearing holes and removing quantities of stuffing.

Susie Vereker said...

I wish Otto could meet Pippin too, but you're rather far away for a play date! Otto does manage to chew the plastic bed, as well as table legs etc. Am smearing newer kitchen furniture with Vicks Vapour Rub. Seems to work as a deterrent.

Faye said...

How considerate of Mr. Otto to collect all the shoes in one handy location for his frequent trips outside! I used bitter apple spray to discourage chewing with my border collie pup. There was a time when guests in our home needed a bitter apple spray on their achilles' heels to keep him from using those razor sharp baby teeth. All worth it!

galant said...

Is Otto named after anyone in particular? Or do you just like the name? Our younger son and has partner now have a little Patterdale Terrier called Barry, not as upmarket as 'Otto' and not as cute as 'Pippin'! He was name Barry as they collected him from Wales!
Will be interested to hear how you get on with Wolf Hall. I attempted it twice and gave up twice. I think you either like the writing style or you don't, simple as that.
Margaret P

Susie Vereker said...

Thanks, Faye, have now bought anti-chew spray though Pup keeps finding new things to chew. Margaret, I called him Otto because he was one of 8 - he ought to have a Canadian name rather than Scandinavian-German really. Am still struggling on with Wolf Hall, reading more slowly than usual owing to early starts.