Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mid Society Bride, last rose and the Jackal

Was interested in the BBC 2 Wonderland: High Society Brides last week, 20 Oct.  Inevitably some brides were happy ever after, some not.  Worth watching on iPlayer if you missed it and you like seeing life in a different era.  All the girls had featured on the frontispiece of Country Life in their pearls, people like the Dowager Duchess of Bedford, then Henrietta Tiarks. She's still beautiful, but different.

Here's my engagement photo, a mid-soc bride.  I think I made it to The Belfast Telegraph!

Before that on 20 Oct BBC2 showed a scary kidnapping story in Bolivia, This World: Hostage in the Jungle, about a female politician held hostage for about six years.  She's such an articulate sophisticated woman, I don't know how she coped. 

More random news.  There's going to be a new promotion for 'forgotten' or unappreciated mid-list literary authors, Fiction Uncovered

Last rose of summer and all that.

DVD: I reckon the 1973 film of The Day of the Jackal, set in 1963, has withstood the test of time.  Great movie with a young Edward Fox as the emotionless assassin hired to kill General De Gaulle.  A-how-he-nearly-done-it. Frederick Forthsyth wrote the book, tense gripping stuff.


Anonymous said...

I also found that Wonderland programme very interesting. It's another world. Nice picture of you but I can't quite see the pearls...

I can conjure up a lot of mental images from TDOTJ which shows how good it is.

Debs said...

I've taped the programme and must watch it soon.

Your picture looks lovely and so smart.

Lesley Cookman said...

Oh, Susie, you look great. I remember sitting in the hairdressers looking at pictures like that. V jealous.

Faye said...

Oh I do remember that hairstyle! So elegant, so hard to maintain. Very glad we have a bit more freedom these days in how we look. I'm glad you have this photo though. So many times we don't preserve these precious memories. You were a beautiful bride.