Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Fascinating Aida and films

I don't know if you've ever been to a show by Fascinating Aida but they're very witty in a sophisticated but sometimes rude and raunchy feminist way. Here's an amusing video about flights to Ireland for 50p which, surprise, surprise, turn out to cost a bit more. Now I wonder which airline they can be thinking of?  The star Dilly Keane is the sister of one of my friends, so I feel vicariously proud of her talents. Does contain strong language, sorry.

Watched The Remains of the Day and enjoyed it just as much the second (third?)time.  In a lost world pre-WW2, Stevens (Anthony Hopkins) is a perfect English butler, efficient, self-effacing, almost religious in the practice of a profession where everybody knows their place in the hierarchy. He is oblivious of the real life that goes on around him - oblivious, for instance, of his naive aristocratic employer's political leanings.  Stevens is also unaware of his own feelings for the housekeeper Mrs Kenton (Emma Thompson)  The novel by Kashuo Ishiguro won the Booker prize. 

Up in the Air did star George Clooney which was a plus, but otherwise it seemed a fairly forgettable film.  George travels around the US firing people 'for businesses who don't have the balls to do it themselves.'  Finally it dawns on him that this isn't a wonderful career.

Garden washed out but in the occasional dry period the new flower bed looks quite jolly.


Debs said...

That was so funny. I've seen them before on TV and love Dilly Keane on Grumpy Old Women.

Lane said...

I enjoyed Remains of the Day.It's one of those films which portrays 'buttoned up English' perfectly.

Love Dilly Keane too.

Dark Puss said...

Thank you for the video clip, let me recommned "Swiss" as the only sensible "cheap" airline around London in my experience.