Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Evening Balloon

Do you worry about your virtual friends as well as your neighbours?  I do.  For instance, what has happened to Cheshire Wife?  Why hasn't she posted for ages? 
I feel I have a split life, as ever.  There's family life, village life, Hampshire lady life (I do try with my garden & even play bridge now and then), novelist's life and then there is e-life. I see people making friends on Twitter but if they actually met would they have anything in common, I wonder?  I think I would get on OK with several bloggers because we could always talk about reading 'n all.  Have you ever become face to face friends with a virtual friend?
I wish the internet had been invented when I was a diplomat's wife because then I wouldn't have felt so isolated at times.
Sorry, random thoughts rather than a considered post.
Here's a link on the subject, thanks to Liz Fenwick and Twitter (which I'm not very good at.)


Jan Jones said...

I know what you mean, Susie. The internet is a bit like an updated version of having pen-pals, isn't it?

I think, if you get on in print, you would probably get on face-to-face.

Nice photo, btw.

LindyLouMac said...

Yes I miss Cheshire Wife, she did mention a break but did not say for how long.
I think we all have different sections in our daily life and sometimes these overlap. I have now made contact with a number of virtual friends and have gone on to become real friends with them all. I think as Jan has said it is the modern version of penpals!
I have not succumbed to Twitter and cannot see the point?
By the way you may have noticed that I seem to have been reading Tropical Connections for a long time. The truth is as we have had guests and have been short of reading and internet time I only started it a couple of evenings ago. Loving it:)

Susie Vereker said...

Interesting, Linda, that you've met some virtual friends in real life too! Glad you are enjoying bk.
But, Jan, we only had one or two penpals, that's the thing.

Debs said...

It is a little like having pen friends, but so much quicker. I think most people would probably get along, at least they would have certain elements in commen, such as their writing.

I also wonder about a couple of people who've seemed to disappear.

Faye said...

I know for sure that my day to day life is much richer by having a small, but treasured, group of e-friends. Love that they're all over the place from England to Australia. Am interested and concerned with how life is treating them--their successes(one has a new book released this coming week)and sorrows(three years of unemployment).

Karen said...

I've met a few blogger friends in real-life and got on with them very well - it helps having something in common to start with.

Somethimes I think people who read my blog know me better than my family do!

JJ Beattie said...

It is a worry when people stop blogging and don't explain it. Have you tried leaving messages or seeing if there's an email address attached to the blog?

I think it's possible to glean a lot from a blog. If I like the content and the way it's written and presented I tend to feel an affinity for the person. I have met several bloggers in real life (either in the UK or because they've let me know they're coming to Bangkok) and have loved meeting them. Mostly, we haven't stopped talking either!

Rattling On said...

Very late commenting here...but I did meet up with a blog friend.We met halfway between our homes and had a day out. It was great and we were very different but had lots in common! I love having new friends via the blog and I do worry about them and think about them when I see things they have mentioned or written about. I agree it's like having pen friends. Only better!