Monday, 22 February 2010

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

A moving and distressing film, this is a Nazi concentration camp story seen through the eyes of an innocent eight-year-old German boy.  Bruno's military father is sent to be Komandant of a strange farm in the middle of nowhere, as the child believes. Missing Berlin, the lonely Bruno sneaks out of the stark house and, wandering through the woods, discovers another little boy of his age behind the barbed wire of the 'farm camp'. Sitting on opposite sides of the fence, they become friends.  Most of the scenes take place in Bruno's house and we see his beautiful mother falling to pieces when she realises what is happening at the camp, but Bruno doesn't understand the whispering. And his little Jewish friend doesn't understand why his father has disappeared.
Excellent convincing acting from all concerned. A very good film indeed.  Here is a review from The Times. I haven't read the book. Don't think I could now.  Perhaps we should all see this kind of film or read this kind of book periodically to make us realise how lucky we are that all some of us have to worry about is what to cook for dinner.


JJ Beattie said...

I thought the book was wonderful - I read it first... it's beautifully and convincingly written.

The film was very enjoyable - if you can call it that - but the book was better.

Karen said...

I've read the book too and thought it was so good I decided not to watch the film! Glad you enjoyed it though - what a story.

LindyLouMac said...

This title is on my wishlist to read and having read your review I will make sure I read it before seeing the film.

Debs said...

My daughter was reading the book for school and asked me to read it one weekend. I really wasn't in the mood, but thought I'd better get on with it. I opened the book and read until the end. Loved it.

I enjoyed the film too.

Faye said...

This is an important film because we get to see war through the eyes of a child. And then there's the evil set in the midst of privilege. It was a devastating film to watch but I'm glad I saw it. I still need to read the book.

Recently I read "A Woman in Berlin", the anonymous diary of a young woman who survived the Russian occupation of Berlin in 1945. This time war from a woman's perspective. Also saw the movie. Highly recommend both.

cheshire wife said...

I have not seen the film but have read the book and thought that the end was disappointing.