Saturday, 23 January 2010

It's Complicated - Meryl again

Much as I admire Meryl, I can't say that It's Complicated is the best movie I've ever seen. Story is that divorced Jane/Meryl, perfect cook, gardener and wonderwoman running an upmarket cafe (where she seldom goes), meets up with her ex who is now married to a frightening young woman. Whizz bang, ex and Meryl have an affair and try to conceal it from her grownup children. Meanwhile architect Steve Martin fancies her too - he's rather wasted as the serious guy. Frothy stuff suitable for middle-aged women who want a bit of a laugh, though it's only funny in parts and a sensitive divorced or recently widowed person might find it uncomfortable viewing at times. Young people might also find the idea of 50-somethings in bed embarrassing, so don't take your kids.


Debs said...

My sister suggested going to see this next week, so it's useful to hear if the film is worth watching.

I must admit, the thought of having an affair with my husband is too horrible to contemplate, so I would probably find the idea a little far-fetched. Then again, that could just be me.

serenknitity said...

I loved this movie. Yes it was froth, yes I am a middle aged woman, but most of the audience were laughing along, including my husband and various teenagers. The plot is ludicrous (sex with the ex - ugh!) but so are most Hollywood plots. There's her house decor to ogle, and Alec Baldwin and the cast did admirable jobs. No car chases, or violence, or sci-fi special effects... can't think how it got the funding.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it yet. I'm not at all sure about the story but I love Nancy Mayer's houses, they are all to die for, I gather there is a wonderful garden in this one too.