Monday, 24 August 2009

Walking and Worst Recipe I ever tried

Local river yesterday, wonderful walk apart from the nettles.

Last week Times readers were asked to contribute a less than delicious recipe by a well-known chef. Almost instantly one sprang to mind. I don't know if anybody remembers Robert Carrier but his cookery cards (7s6d a packet) were all the rage. His Sardine-stuffed Lemons was one of the most inedible recipes I ever tried as a young married woman. Ingredients : a tin of sardines, 5 oz butter, Dijon mustard & other seasonings, a stiffly beaten egg white. The illustration showed the stuffed lemons sitting in elegant white egg-cups garnished with a sprig of something or other. It sounds absolutely vile, doesn't it, and it was. I can't think how I ever imagined it would be tasty. I threw away the card years ago but, joy oh joy, found the recipe quoted in his obituary.
What's the worst recipe by a chef/celeb cook you ever tried? Not counting those awful amateur ones that say combine a can of mushroom soup with a can of beef stew etc.


Ms Mac said...

Not one that I've tried but my Patrick once tried a creamy pasta with no cream. Instead, it called for healthy pureed cauliflower. It was vile. There was nothing creamy about it and just tasted of pasta coated in pureed cauliflower.

Jan Jones said...

Do you know, it would never EVER occur to me to stuff a lemon.

Unless it was with sorbet, of course.

Debs said...

I can't think of one, but I'm still wincing at the thought of tasting a stuffed lemon.

Rattling On said...

Another husband tale...mine made his only attempt at a family dinner years ago. I can't remember which book he used, but it was chicken in orange. So much orange. It was vile, and I'm allergic to citrus fruits. Had to eat it as a show of solidarity.
Awful on so many levels.

Karen said...

That made me laugh - sardine stuffed lemons?? Sounds perfectly horrid!

I don't know about worst recipe, but I tried a Nigella one that used SO MUCH butter and cream I daren't eat it in the end, in case I had a heart attack!