Wednesday, 24 June 2009

June morning and reading

Much enjoyed Mr Toppit, by Charles Elton. Well, maybe enjoyed wasn't the right word - it's a dark book with black humour, original and interesting. Do read it. Here's a Guardian review. Currently am deep in another Kate Atkinson I bought when helping on the book stall at the village fete. Inevitably I came home with about ten books.

Too busy with Wimbledon and other important matters to blog for long today. Might even branch out and buy a new tv. The one we have is at least 12 years old and was donated to us by the last of our tenants. Washing machine 20 years old too - this is an old-machines home.
Trouble is, every time I look on line or go out to buy something new am so confused by all the choices that I buy nothing.

Don't plant that yellow stuff (garden loosestrife) above unless your desperate to fill a space. It is a massive invader, but at least the rabbits don't eat it.


Debs said...

It's lovely and colourful though.

Your old machines were probably made to last far more than anything you'd buy in a shop now.

Lorna F said...

I read 'Mr Toppit' a couple of weeks ago and thought it was excellent - I think it can stand rereading at a later date. It was dark but also very funny and acutely observed.

Lane said...

Apparently new washing machines (the cheaper ones) are built to last for about two years which is crazy.

I've just been immersed in a Kate Atkinson too. Couldn't put it down:-)

cheshire wife said...

I have planted yellow loosestrife where nothing else will grow. It has its uses!