Sunday, 10 May 2009

May Garden and Pantsman

Lovely wisteria again.
I like the dark red geranium I planted this time last year to fill this gap. If you look hard you can also see the sweet cecily, posh cow parsley, but fear it does look very similar in this rather wild garden to its cousins in my hedges. I've seen a clump of the sweet cecily in a friend's formal garden where it appears intended rather than accidental like here.

Aquilegia has come round again.

Above new beech leaves. Below, the tree peony.

Ms Mac has posted a great YouTube version of The Apprentice with Play People (Pantsman)
Do watch it, but it's probably only funny if you have seen the original on British TV, I admit.


Ms Mac said...

Wisteria- ain't it just beautiful? We have a house in the village here that makes me sigh to walk past at this time of year with the glorious wisteria draped all over the conservatory.

The Pantsman vid certainly gave me a chuckle. I think seeing Pantsman in the title of one of your blog posts made me giggle almost as much, though!

liz fenwick said...

Beautiful. I'm hoping my wisteria will still be ib bloom when I get to Cornwall later this month.

Debs said...

I adore wisteria, but the standard in my garden is still not very big.

Thank you so much for all your help recently. Much appreciated.