Thursday, 19 March 2009

Misc recent cultural stuff Part I

Hampton Court
Strongly recommend a visit to Hampton Court Palace on the River Thames. Even at this early stage of the year the gardens are stunning, so stunning that we didn’t spend much time inside, but we saw the King’s Apartments, with excellent audio guide. The interior of the palace is more complicated than the famous maze, but we did find the Tudor kitchens too, with real log fire and turnspit. The gardens are free at the moment but I believe you have to pay to see the formal sections in summer. Well worth the trip. (Photos to follow next week - currently on son's camera. I thought of buying an extra lead to download them here but was too mean to spend £13)

The local film club had mixed views about this critically admired sombre film. Having lived in Australia, I more or less enjoyed it, but some Hampshire gents were heard to mutter ‘liked the fishing scenes but not much else.’ The plot is that four ordinary guys go fishing in the remote Snowy Mountains in summer. After walking for miles, they find a body of an Aboriginal girl in a stream but don’t bother reporting it until they have finished their weekend trip. Their friends and families are not impressed by this casual behaviour, particularly Laura Linney who plays the tricky role of a nervous depressive wife. I kept hoping they’d catch the girl’s killer, a sinister electrician, but it isn’t that sort of film – it’s more about sad, murky, mysterious moods and beautiful scenery.
The Guardian buff and others thought highly of it, but I wouldn’t call it a must-see.

Paris Imperfect review
Many thanks to Ex Libris blogger in the US for her encouraging review of Paris Impefect. She found it 'an entertaining romance that has realistic characters with whom readers can relate'. She added 'While reading I found myself becoming irritated with Clio and her tendency to procrastinate. Then I realized that if it were me, I would probably react the same way.'


cheshire wife said...

That photo of Hampton Court Palace brings back memories. I used to drive by it nearly every day. Before we were married husband lived in Thames Ditton and I lived in Hampton.

Susie Vereker said...

Lovely area, CW.