Tuesday, 3 February 2009

At last!

I know you've all been waiting. Here it is, the wonder amaryllis.
A couple of days ago I tested my blog's personality on one of these weird on-line questionnaires and discovered it is one of "The Performers - The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead - they are always in risk of exhausting themselves. The enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions." Hm. My blog is not trying to manage anybody! I can't remember where I found this quiz, but the link is this, I think.
Another entertainment and time-waster: Do listen to the Mom song. Quite funny in parts.
Personal Book news: Paris Imperfect is currently £5 cheaper at The Book Depository. Tropical Connections should be out in June.


Jan Jones said...

You found the link from me!

Amaryllis is lovely. well worth the wait.

Caroline Kent said...


JJ said...

Oooh interesting. How does it do that then? I was 'Performer' too.

sablonneuse said...

Another book in June? Great!

cheshire wife said...

Good to see that your amaryllis has opened at last and your snow photo looks magical. We didn't have much snow here. I am feeling a bit cheated.

Susie Vereker said...

Thanks for your comments. New amaryllises soon, with any luck.
JJ, you just plant the bulb and wait, but my new ones are much shorter.
Snow melting now, thank heavens.