Saturday, 18 October 2008

Free books!

To celebrate this sunny day, here's an offer. If any readers of this blog would like a copy of An Old-Fashioned Arrangement, postage free, please mail me direct - I have ten to give away, but think I had better limit it to five overseas
For reviews etc see the link to About Susie Vereker's books.
This has been a busy week hence no blogging but will post some reviews and photos this weekend. Also hope to do some last minute gardening and other good works, start a new diet, etc. etc.


Linda said...

I'd love a copy if you don't mind sending it to France. I'd never turn down an offer of a book.

Lizzie said...

I must eb honest and admit that I have never read any of your books, but would like to. So please consider me!
Many thanks.

Jennifer Dee said...

I would love to read one of your books Susie. I hope I'm one of the lucky ones to receive a copy.

Many Thanks,
Jennifer Dee.

Susie Vereker said...

Do send me your addresses, so I can post off the books. Better send to my gmail address if you've already tried my other one (it's a bit moody at the moment and keeps marking things as junk)

Debs said...

Me, me, me, please.

Susie Vereker said...

That's ten people now, because half have mailed direct and their envelopes are on my desk to be posted tomorrow. Of course if Linda, Lizzie, Jennifer and Debs don't send their addresses this week, then the offer will have to be re-offered!

Anonymous said...
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Susie Vereker said...

Jennifer, I have printed out your comment and then deleted it so your address wasn't there for long.
Book will be on its way today, with my best wishes.
Sorry the gmail didn't work for you. susie.vereker at Substitute 'at' for the email 'at' and don't have any spaces.