Friday, 19 September 2008

September garden, Sony reader, Museum visit

A couple of weeks ago Son 3 and I visited Milestones museum of social and industrial history in Basingstoke. A brilliant day out for all ages, but children under 10 might not be so interested. See the link for more details. Sounds a bit dry but we found it fascinating and were most impressed that a Victorian town has been painstakingly recreated in what looks like a huge aircraft hanger: real shops with real items, real trains etc. I was amused by the kitchen history section as I still use some of the items on show.
Interesting clip on the Sony reader on the BBC website. I suppose it might be good for a long holiday but you'd be worried about losing it.
Something else I've often heard about haven't seen before: Angus & Robertson in Australia have installed a Print on Demand machine for out of print books. Do look at it.
Haven't been blogging lately as have been trying to Get Things Done, as the Country Lady would say, including having the ivy above cut back. I don't know why I planted all these darn creepers now.
Ate lunch outside in the glorious sun today. Quick lunch recipe: stir-fried beansprouts with squidy fried tomatoes and mozzarella. That's fusion food, I reckon, according to the latest TV chef programme I'm watching.


monix said...

I love the sound of the Print on Demand machine and hope it will come to our shores soon. I am not so sure about the electronic reader. I can't imagine ever giving up my books but perhaps it would be a useful tool for students.

Isn't it lovely to be able to sit in the garden again? I hope this sunshine lasts for a while to compensate for the dreadful summer.

Anonymous said...

'amused by the kitchen history section as I still use some of the items on show'
Ha ha! Our local museum had a display recently of kitchenalia or, items still used in my kitchen. Old, moi?

Your lunch sounds absolutely delicious.

Juliet said...

Oh, Susie, I can assure you that children under 10 absolutely ADORE Milestones!! My three go there at least once a year when they stay with their grandparents, and it's always their first choice of day out and it is difficult to drag them away. The man on the outside privy is the principal attraction (obviously!), but also the shops, the old vehicles, the kitchen and all the interactive activities. They've had their photos taken in Victorian costume, too. Plenty to interest the over-40s, too, though rather dispiriting to find items from my own childhood (some still in use!) in the vintage kitchen section . . .

Susie Vereker said...

Oh good. I was completely taken aback when I opened the privy door myself!
I just thought that young children might not appreciate the finer points, but shall probably take DGs there if desperate for an outing, which I sometimes am! Quite expensive though.

Juliet said...

yes, especially if the children start browsing in the gift shop afterwards!!