Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Siberia and Cambridge

TV: Occasionally I've been following Ewan McGregor and his mate Charley motorcycling around the world from London to New York via Russia. Last episode was particularly dramatic as they crossed Siberia on the bleak and appalling Road of Bones. Was on tenterhooks (what are tenterhooks anyway?) watching the Russian lorry loaded with precious equipment wobbling and swaying through several fast deep rivers that had washed away the road. It's not as if they could have summoned up a kind RAC man.
Reading: Just finished Rosy Thornton's Hearts and Minds. Yes, the chick lit cover is misleading - it's a grown up book. Excellent thoughtful writing and realistic characterisation. At first I wasn't sure I was totally fascinated by the ins and outs of running a Cambridge college with its navel-gazing politics and finances, but after a while I became drawn in. It's a slow interesting read rather than a page turner. I liked and admired the main protagonist Martha but would have wished her a much better husband!


Karen said...

Coming from the Isle of Man, I know of tenterhooks as the things herrings are hung on while being smoked to become kippers.
I loved "Hearts and Minds"!

sablonneuse said...

I'd never really thought about the origin of 'tenterhooks' until now. You learn something every day. Thanks, Susie.