Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Social life and recent reading

Working hard and even socialising lately. Went to a grand party at the Inner Temple where the guests all wore 1920s gear and looked terrific. My own meagre effort at fancy dress was to buy a feathery headband in the local cardshop. Looked quite good except that it seemed to have been made for a 12 year old. Wish I had taken some pix. Wonderful venue for a party. In Hampshire we usually huddle together in chilly marquees so it makes a change to hit the upmarket London scene.

Social whirl seems to have been packed into two weeks this year. To Oxford the weekend before, to Keble College (right) Gorgeous to look at but its architecture was despised in the early days and undergraduates even used to try and steal bricks.
The city itself was teeming with tourists buying sales bargains.

Recent reading.
The Outcast by Sadie Jones. Do read it. Stayed awake late last night to finish it as I was worried something even more dreadful might happen. This young author is predicted to go far (shortlisted for the Orange, chosen by Richard & Judy etc.)
Also read Open House by Elizabeth Berg. Good writing but I couldn't empathise with the main protagonist who seemed rather a silly woman. I'll probably try a different book. The author is more popular in the US than she is here.

Sorry no time for deep thoughts!

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