Friday, 13 June 2008

English visits & crisis after Church Fête

Still in sight-seeing mode after the holiday, I visited St. Paul's Cathedral when I was in London. Awe-inspiring, marvellous and impressive but, after Sicily, I was taken aback by the cost - £10. Then I chided myself for being mean as of course it must take millions to maintain this amazing building.
This week I took an Australian guest to Winchester and was moved as ever by the ancient cathedral and its historic surroundings. We were lucky enough to be there at the same time as a choir practice and the children sang so beautifully, their voices soaring upwards, that we just stood silent and transfixed.

Above: Cricket at Winchester College, a timeless scene.
Fortunately I never get tired of taking my visitors around Hampshire. My friend was fascinated by Jane Austen's house in Chawton and then on Friday we went to Bramdean House, near Alresford, a lovely, lovely traditional English garden.
After days of expeditions along obscure country lanes without a care in the world, my car broke down in the village after the Church Fete yesterday. The kind RAC man said he had 'never seen nothing so bad' (something crucial snapped near the front, apparently). Oh dear, and I was fond of that faithful car, but at least I could walk home.
Many of the numerous passers-by were very helpful but several men asked me why I had left my car on that dangerous corner and, when I said it wouldn't move, they suggested patronisingly that I had forgotten to take the brake off. Aargh!


Ms Mac said...

The fact that you have to pay to get into England's cathedral is one of my real pet peeves. The last time I visited Winchester Cathedral (2003) we had to pay to get in. Especially since I've since been to Italy where access to tour the cathedrals and basilicas is free (Mind you, I could go on about how much money the Roman Catholic church already has.... ;-) )

My father grew up and now lives again in Winchester. I love that city, the cathedral is my favourite in all of England and I hope to visit it again soon.

Oh, now I'm all nostalgic.

Susie Vereker said...

Yes, I agree, I absolutely love Winchester cathedral and its surroundings. It always brings tears to my eyes, though I'm not really the sentimental type.

Jan Jones said...

Love those borders, Susie!

As for the patronising chaps, I'd have been tempted to give them the keys and ask sweetly if they'd check it for you.

(Actually, I'd have been tempted to do something entirely different, but I don't want to get your blog taken down for offensive content)

sablonneuse said...

Sorry to hear about your poor car. It's not very pleasant when you break down at an inconvenient place is it?

Susie Vereker said...

Thanks for the sympathy! Car is still at garage and larder bare. Still at least I can garden and write.

Nan said...

How I would love to hop in the car and see what you see! Sorry about your car and the men. :<( The colors in that garden are just beautiful, and I don't see them that often.

Susie Vereker said...

Thanks all for sympathy. Car fixed now after nearly a week!