Saturday, 29 March 2008

German Pond Lane and Paris

A five-star Amazon review of the German edition of Pond Lane and Paris (von Liebe kriegt man nie genug) as "translated" by Google. I wouldn't want to spoil it by improvements - "A very warm-hearted novel about a widow's life and love rediscovered. The protagonist Laura quickly grew fond of me. Their love for the Cottage and doing things their way, I was instantly sympathetic. It was the development of this wonderful woman notice, places were really heartrending. It is difficult, the mood in the book with a word to describe. . It was as a man lies on a warmed by the sun or lawn as if after a stressful day comes home and lovingly received. The book is easy to read comfortably, radiates warmth and a relaxing effect. . The author of the book has very well structured and describes the feelings of the protagonist understandable. The fluid writing style makes the book very well read. I would be pleased more of this author in the fingers. "

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